Drumond Park Games for Christmas

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Games make wonderful gifts for ‘kids’ of all ages – and Drumond Park have come up with a whole new range of games for Christmas. Here are four of them.

Bang On!

Perfect for multi-generational fun, Bang On! is a brain-teasing, thrilling team game involving a race to answer questions, ‘hammer out more time’ and make it to the finish space before the other team – overcoming a selection of challenges along the way.

Available from online retailers including, among others, Amazon, John Lewis and Toys R Us at an RRP of £27.99 and suitable for players aged 8 to 98, this game promises hours of hilarious fun for the whole family. Highly recommended.

Who’s the Dude?

Suitable for players aged 16+, this is a game of charades with a twist. Players act out movie scenes, professions, sports and more with the help of the awesome, calm and cool life-size blow-up Dude and everyone else must guess what they are up to – against the clock. Everybody takes turns and after 4 rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Retailing at an RRP of £24.99, Who’s the Dude? is available from retailers including Amazon, Argos, Smyths and Toys R Us – and well worth the expense. Fantastic fun!

Gassy the Cow

Will Gassy the Cow Moo or Poo? That really is the question in this incredibly funny game for kids from the age of 4. A spinner decides who must walk their wellies up to Gassy and lift her tail to see whether she will moo, poo or just pass a bit of wind. If she poos, the poo is clipped to the wellies. The player with the cleanest wellies at the end of the game wins.

The game is available from Argos, Toys R Us, Amazon and Smyths at an RRP of £24.99. Eliciting a great deal of ‘ewws’, ‘phews’ and laughter, this is a fantastic bit of childishly gross fun perfect for little kids – highly recommended.

Shark Bite

In this funny game, players aged 4+ roll the dice to see how many fish they must rescue from the jaws of the shark with their fishing rod. Whoever rescues the most fish by the end of the game wins. There’s just one catch – the shark may bite and if he does, the ‘bitten’ player loses all his rescued fishes.

Shark Bite is available from Smyths, Amazon and Argos at £24.99 (RRP). This will be a real hit with the little ones!