Drumond Park Top 5 Family and Adult Games

Drumond Park Top 5 Family and Adult Games

Drumond Park family & adult games are not only fantastic gift ideas for friends and family of all ages, they are also fantastic choices for not-so-quiet family time and evenings in. Here are our five favourites from the family & adult game selection available from Drumond Park.

LOGO Lite, age 12 to 99, RRP £19.99

logo lite

Fast paced, tense and definitely great fun to play, LOGO lite is a ‘Brand’ new Drumond Park game out just in time for Christmas. It involves players testing their knowledge of some of the biggest, most well-known brands in the UK by taking turns in trying to answer all the questions supplied on a Logo card. Every correct answer gives them an attempt to win a total of six differently coloured disks on the spinner. Watch family members or friends squirm as they struggle to pick the right answers from the multiple-choice question and answer cards. The 264 cards included are, by the way, totally compatible with Drumond Park’s No1 Best Seller, the Logo Picture Board Game.

Shout, age 12 to 99. RRP £29.99

drumond Shout

Bursting with cunning picture puzzles and quirky questions, Shout is a delight for avid puzzlers and a unique, fantastic new team game perfect for family gatherings this festive season. The included super-size Challenge cards offer a total of over 3,000 challenges (167 cards with 18 challenges each) designed to stretch players’ brains and provide lots of fun and entertainment.

All Star Family Fortunes, age 8 to 99, RRP £19.99

family fortunes

Refreshed this year and packed with 300 brand new questions from ‘Our Survey says’, this game comes complete with the electronic ‘Uh-UH’ buzzer and other, authentically scaled down props from the TV programme. Players can battle it out in Single, Double and Big Money rounds and, just like in the ‘real thing’ have a chance to gain bonus points. Added bonus: giggles are guaranteed.

LOGO Billionaire, age 8 to 99, RRP £24.99

logo billionaire

Perfect for grown ups and budding young entrepreneurs alike, this brilliant games has players dashing around the board trying to collect well-known brands and form companies they can then sell for a fortune. Be careful though, picking up a ‘bust’ card means you lose your business and end up starting over. Beginners can start off with the ‘Apprentice’ game, then move on (as they get better) to the ‘Executive’ game. Exciting family fun that can take you from the height of success to the depth of ruin in seconds.

Gross Magic Set, age 8 to 99, RRP £19.99

gross magic

Also refreshed for this Christmas, this magic set is perfect for people with attitude. Featuring an array of revolting magic tricks perfect for fans of slightly rude, perhaps even a little naughty magic, this set includes rather unusual props, including squashed eyeballs, toenail clippings and slime; toenail clippings, cockroaches, snot and more. Totally unique and enormously popular, this set will have onlookers turn green with both envy and disgust. Definitely not for the faint-hearted (sick bags are not included), this set is a must for anyone with a slightly warped sense of humour.

All Drumond Park Family & Adult games are available from www.drumondpark.com and from major toy shops, catalogues and department stores, as well as grocery stores and independents (see list of stockists).

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