El Camino – Travel Bracelet

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El Camino – Travel Bracelet

This is the ideal gift for those who love to travel or who had visited some amazing place in their lives. El Camino Bracelets are uniquely fabulous, they look amazing and with each and every further addition to them just adds to the charm!


If your loved one has taken a year out to travel the world, or every year visits another city from one end of the world to another – then this Bracelet is the one for them. You simply choose the bracelet that suits you – colour and size appropriate. Then add your steps, i.e. countries or cities visited. From as little as one step to as many as you can fit on, this bracelet will look good either way.

El Camino say –

“We’ve created a bracelet that allows you to create your travel story, where you can add all the different places around the world that you’ve travelled to. Not only is it perfect for anyone who loves to travel but also those who can’t travel as much as they would like but would love to be able to wear a reminder of all their past adventures.”

There are many bracelets to choose from, such as the below El Camino Chestnut Brown double styled one (£31.99). Sizes range from 34cm – 46cm. The bracelet of made from 4 woven cords, making is very strong and durable. No matter which activity you get up to, this bracelet will withstand it all! It’s joined together with a clasp made from the finest surgical grade stainless steel and then engraved with the El Camino logo. El Camino has even added a little step to get you started on your collection – thank you!!  You then customise it with your personal choices, to whichever adventures hold the best memories for you, past, present or future.

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There are numerous steps available to add onto your chosen Bracelet. Country steps (£8.99) such as Australia, Mexico plus many more. And Small Steps (£8.49) such as Dublin, Paris plus many more. Or, if your chosen country or place isn’t there, you can simply add your own customised step (£19.99). No matter what fascinating experience you have had, El Camino can get the perfect step for you.


El Camino Travel Bracelet most definitely make a fantastic gift. To see the full collection, please visit www.elcaminobracelets.com.