Elisabeth Shaw Chocolates for Christmas

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If you want to treat a loved one to some extra special chocolates for Christmas, you should look at the fantastic range of Elisabeth Shaw chocolates.

Elisabeth Shaw Chocolates for Christmas

Image showing three Elisabeth Shaw Chocolates for Christmas Gift Packs.I had the opportunity (and extreme pleasure) to try out two of Elisabeth Shaw’s new range of Mini Flutes & Mint Bites Gift packs – the Amaretto Flutes & Almond Bites and the Orange Flutes & Bites.

Amaretto Flutes & Almond Bites

Chocolates for Christmas-Elisabeth Shaw FlutesFlavoured deliciously with bitter-sweet amaretto, the smooth milk chocolate Amaretto Flutes simply melt in your mouth – and make wonderfully tasty, almost decadent decoration for bowls of ice-cream or to finish the edge of celebration cakes off to perfection. The Almond Bites are something else – charmingly crunchy, delicate and mellow, these gorgeous milk chocolate bites have a dreamy topping consisting of dark chocolate and caramelised almond pieces – need I say more?!

Orange Flutes & Bites

Chocolates for Christmas-Elisabeth Shaw BitesConsisting of rich, dark chocolate wrapped milk chocolate flavoured with tangy orange, the Orange Flutes are again perfect on their own for a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth chocolate experience; as a topping for trifles, ice cream or as a scrumptious cake decoration. So, by the way, are the Orange Bites, which are topped with a sprinkling of candied orange peel. Chocolate perfection…

Flutes and Bites

Chocolates for Christmas - Elisabeth Shaw Orange CrispThere is also a Mint Flutes & Bites Gift Pack including incredibly tempting dark chocolate mint flutes and bites sprinkled with mint sugar, and both the flutes and bites are also available on their own. Flute flavours include Amaretto, Orange and Mint, as well as Lemon and Cappuccino. The Bites come in Raspberry, Almond and Cappuccino flavours.

Other Elisabeth Shaw Chocolates for Christmas

Chocolates for Christmas-Elisabeth Shaw Mint CreamsThen, of course, there are the traditional Elisabeth Shaw Mint Creams and the Crisp range, which includes Mint Crisps and two new flavours, Orange Crisp and Salted Caramel Crisp, as well as Collections, Chocolate liqueurs and more. All products are available from a range of retailers including, for example, Asda, Booths and Lidl; Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco; Waitrose and Wilkinson. Prices start around £2.50.

Visit Elisabeth Shaw on Facebook to discover more about their exquisite range of chocolates for Christmas.