The English Tea Shop Premium Tea Collection

The English Tea Shop Premium Tea Collection

You really can’t beat a good cup of tea. Putting your feet up with your mug in hand and your nearest and dearest beside you, chatting away about anything and everything – bliss! Finding the perfect Tea that suits you can be difficult as there is so many choices available in the shops; but, The English Tea Shop has launched a premium collection for upcoming Mother’s Day (which looks amazing), so picking the perfect cuppa for you is easy!

The English Tea Shop is an organic tea company which produce an extremely varied range of organic teas, from the true classics to the more unusual. What I love about this Gift Tin is that it features a selection of 6 specially selected different flavours of tea, making the perfect cuppa easier. Mum would definitely enjoy drinking this quality tea whilst having quality time with her children/grandchildren – what more would you want to do on Mother’s Day!

The English Tea Shop Premium Collection Gift Tin contains 30 individually wrapped pyramid tea bags. The range includes:

  • White Tea Blueberry & Elderflower:  An antioxidant rich, delicate White Tea, created with real juicy blueberries, aromatic elderflower and notes of zesty Lemongrass.
  • Lemongrass, Ginger & Citrus:  An understated classic packing a citrus punch! Notes of Lemongrass and citrus infused with a tingle of ginger will refresh any palate
  • Harrington Premium Single Origin Black Tea:  A perfect golden orange cuppa of deliciously smooth single garden tea, sourced from the beautiful mountain ranges in Sri Lanka.
  • Super Berries: A delightful blend of classical herbs and aromatic berries – tastes as delicious as its aroma
  • Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla: Caffeine free, naturally sweet and antioxidant rich rooibos deliciously blended with vanilla and chocolate notes
  •  Oolong Tea: A luxurious and intriguing tea with a delicate and soft flavour.

Not only do these teas taste amazing, but the tin itself is something that can be used for many years after, it looks very pretty indeed! The English Tea Shop Premium Tea Collection is available from Amazon with a RRP of £17.00. To have a look at the full English Tea Shop product range visit:


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