Enterosgel, First Aid for Stomach Upsets in a Sachet

Eating unusual foods while on holiday; dubious food sources at summer festivals and even weekend barbecues all have the potential to ruin holiday, weekend or festival fun by causing food poisoning and a range of other stomach upsets. Thankfully, fast help is now at hand in the shape of Enterosgel, a drug-free oral gel that is clinically proven to treat stomach upsets and gastroenteritis.


Enterosgel and Stomach Upsets

Based on methilsilicic acid (a mineral), Enterosgel is neither absorbed into the body nor does it enter the bloodstream upon consumption. Instead, it travels through your digestive system and, acting a little like a sponge, helps absorb and remove allergens, bacterial toxins and endotoxins; pathogens, viruses (like the norovirus or rotavirus, for instance) and other harmful substances from your gut within as little as 12 hours. As the pores of Enterosgel only allow medium-sized molecules to be absorbed, beneficial substances (like minerals, vitamins and calcium) with smaller molecules are left behind.

Treating Stomach Upsets with Enterosgel

Recommended by World Health Organisation experts and taken orally mixed with water an hour before eating (either on the onset of stomach upsets or once-daily as a preventative measure when travelling), Enterosgel is suitable for the treatment of food poisoning and stomach upsets in adults, children and (under advice by a doctor) babies. Effectively stopping vomiting and diarrhoea without removing vital nutrients or vitamins from the body, Enterosgel has also be shown effective in the relief of IBS symptoms and indigestion, as well as some allergies.


£19.50) or in a 90g Tube (RRP £12.80) perfect for keeping in your hand luggage or as a 225 Tube (RRP £19.50) to stash away in your suitcase, Enterosgel can be obtained from Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots and Holland & Barrett; Well+, Day Lewis and many other health stores and pharmacies. More detailed information on this fast-acting, drug-free remedy for stomach upsets can be found at enteromed.co.uk.


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