Face Paint Party Pack for Hours of Fun

Image of Snazaroo Ultimate Face Paint Party Pack box, contents and guide.

Face Paint Party Pack for Hours of Fun

Kids love playing out their fantasies, whether that involves being animals; pirates, witches or any other imaginary characters. They also love having their faces painted and let’s face it, there is nothing quite like face paint to help your child let its imagination run wild.

Image of Snazaroo Ultimate Face Paint Party Pack box, contents and guide.

Promising hours of fun, Snazaroo Face Paint comes complete with an easy to follow face painting guide.

Whether you are preparing for a child’s birthday party or ‘just-because-we-can fun; Halloween, a school play or any other festive occasion, the Snazaroo Ultimate Face Paint Party Pack is definitely the answer to all your face painting requirements.

Fragrance free and fully compliant with FDA and EU cosmetics and toy regulations, Snazaroo Face Paint is formulated (using only the finest ingredients) especially to be friendly to even the most sensitive skin. According to customer reviews, even children with eczema can use this Face Paint with little to no adverse effects.

The Snazaroo Face Paint Pack contains 2 ml each of black and white paint and 1 ml each of bright yellow, bright red and grass green; sky blue, orange and royal blue; dark brown and pale pink, as well as sparkle purple and sparkle pink paints. There are also 8 ml each of silver and stardust glitter gel; 3 brushes and 4 sponges, as well as a step-by-step, full colour face painting guide.

All colours are water-based, meaning they can be removed quickly, easily and without the usual tears with gentle face wipes or a little soap and warm water.

Available from Amazon at just £12.99, the Snazaroo Ultimate Face Paint Party Pack is exceptionally easy to use and promises hour after hour of fantasy fun. The easy to follow guide makes it possible even for ‘less arty’ parents to create little master-pieces, and kids will adore their ‘new look’ without fearing the inevitable ‘scrubbing session’ at the end of the day.

All in all, the Snazaroo Face Paint Pack produces much better results than your average ‘supermarket face paint’. Just a couple of minor drawbacks, though: the brushes have comparatively short bristles and are not too great for achieving good lines of paint in a single stroke; the sponges are a little on the scratchy side for little kids’ faces, and the white paint tends to run out well before the other colours.

Easy enough to deal with, these drawbacks do, however, not take anything away from the fact that this Face Paint is well worth investing in as a gift for kids.

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