The Fake News Card Game

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Fake news stories are usually widely shared on social media, Facebook possibly being the most popular. For those who see ‘fake news stories’ don’t know they aren’t real and are likely to believe them unaware that they are being misled. This new game ‘The Fake News Card Game’ brings to light these stories in a fun way.

Would you be able to tell the difference between fake news and an actual news story? Can you convince your friends that lies could be real? Now is your chance to test their knowledge in this fast, funny and sometimes shocking game. Bring it out to a bar with mates, to a dinner party or make it your fun family Christmas game this year.

Suitable for ages 12+, this game is simple to play. Pick up a card, read out the real or fake statement and your opponents must say whether they believe it or not. Make sure you have your pen and paper at hand to help you keep score! Examples are –

Teenager to stand trial after feeding chips to a bird” – Real story

Neil Armstrong admits moon landings could have been faked” – Fake Story

An ostrich egg equals around 24 chicken egg” – I’ll let you decide that one!!!

This card pack contains 3 extra blank cards where you can write down your own real or fake news along with instructions on how to play and how to score. It’s the same size as an average pack of cards and will easily fit in a jacket pocket or handbag – perfect for when you are out and about entertaining!

The Fake News Card Game cost £7.99 and is available from Amazon.