Fallen Victory Shoes Review

Fallen Victory Shoes Review

Fallen shoe wear have always maintained a level of quality in their work and this is no exception.

fallenThey’re especially good for skating. Their soles will provide enough grip for the deck to stick to your feet and absorb most shocks.

The Victories do provide a generally sturdy build that will take a small amount of time to break in, as you would with any shoe in general.

The suede strip running over the middle of the shoe definitely break up the design and look great without sacrificing performance and durability. They haven’t been thoroughly tested for skating so while the soles are still quite fresh, they will tend to squeak quite a lot on hard surfaces.

These are all very minor things that don’t actually get in the way of quite a reliable pair of shoes that are easy to maintain and will have a healthy life span in terms of skate shoes.

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