Ferrero Easter Gifts

Image showing Grand Ferrero Rocher wrapped and open

Ferrero Easter Gifts

Ferrero have once again come up with an impressive range of Easter eggs and gifts, two of which I had the immense pleasure of sampling.

Image showing small bags and enlarged versions of Ferrero EggsThe first of these wonderful Ferrero Easter gift ideas I sampled was the 100 g bag of the Hazelnut Ferrero Eggs. The smooth, simply irresistible outer layer of milk chocolate simply melts in your mouth, revealing the egg’s crispy creamy wafer and hazelnut praline heart.

Meant to be perfect for sharing, these eggs are so delicious, unless you have enormous amounts of willpower, you better wait until they have been dished out among your loved ones before you try the first one – I didn’t wait and my poor Hubby managed to get just one of them in the end! Also available from Morrisson’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose with a cocoa filling, Ferrero Eggs have an RRP of just £2.61, so getting everyone their own bag is a perfectly affordable (and definitely highly recommended) solution.

Image showing Grand Ferrero Rocher wrapped and openMy second sample was the 125 g Grand Ferrero Rocher. Beautifully wrapped like a single giant Ferrero Rocher, the crispy, deliciously thick chocolate shell is speckled with pieces of hazelnuts and positively yummy. Hidden inside this scrumptious shell are two classic, individually wrapped Ferrero Rochers. The Grand Ferrero Rocher is best described in two words: Chocolate Heaven!  Available from all major retailers, it comes in two sizes, 125 g (RRP £5.24) and 240 g (RRP £8.99), the latter of which contains 4 classic Ferrero Rochers.

Other great Ferrero Easter gifts include the:

  • Ferrero Easter Bunny, 162.5 g, RRP £5.97, available from Morrisson’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco
  • Ferrero Rocher Plastic Egg, 200 g, RRP £6.29, available from Debenhams, Tesco and others
  • Large Boxed Ferrero Rocher Egg, 275 g, RRP £11.54, available from Morrisson’s; Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and others

You can find more detailed information on these and other Ferrero gifts at the Ferrero Website.

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