Flora and Flappy from GUND

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Topping the charts on the cutest Christmas gift for babies this year (well, on a personal note from me!) are these adorable animated plush cuddly toys from GUND. Flora the Animated Bunny and Flappy the Animated Elephant are guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained over the festive holidays and beyond. You can’t help but smile when you see these delightful toys in action, they really are charming and utterly loveable.

Meet Flora the Animated Bunny

Doesn’t she look super cute! Flora is a smiling bunny, who is extremely soft and cuddly. She stands at 30cm tall and comes with two different play modes. Simply press the left foot to play an interactive game of peek-a-boo, in which her ears cover her eyes and pops back up again. Your little one is sure to have plenty of giggles and countless hours of fun with her. When you press her right foot, she sings the song ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’ in the cutest voice. Flora looks very friendly and could well become a firm favourite in any household.

Flora the Animated Bunny is surface washable, CE marked and suitable for children from birth.  She retails for £42.00 and has been shortlisted in the Made for Mums awards as well as making the finals of the Progressive Preschool Awards.

Please play the video below to see her in action –


Meet Flappy the Animated Elephant

Just as sweet and adorable as Flora, Flappy the Elephant also features the same voice, sayings and song. This sumptuously soft grey elephant will provide hours of entertainment and will help engage your little one in active sensory play. He stands at 30.5cm tall, and would be a welcome addition to any children’s nursery at home.

Flappy the Animated Element is like Flora, in that he is also surface washable, CE marked and suitable for children from birth.  He retails for £42.00, was named Editor’s Choice in the 2017 Made for Mums Awards, and also won the Independent Toy Awards in 2016.

Flora and Flappy along with other luxurious plush items from GUND are available to buy via: www.gund.co.uk.