Funny-Hahas, a Comic Book for Fun-Loving Adults

Funny-Hahas, a Comic Book for Fun-Loving Adults

Fans of Itchy and Scratchy (from the Simpsons); Bunny Suicides (by Andy Riley) and American Dad will without doubt love the bizarrely hilarious bite-size sketches populating Funny-Hahas, the extraordinary collection of unique illustrations and comic strips created by Ted Gudlat, a celebrated Canadian cartoonist counting renowned names like Matt Groening, Max Fleischer and Charles Schulz among his early influences.


funny hahas

Highly praised at Art Basel (2013) for his hand-made comic strips’  inventiveness and quality, Gublat uses Funny-Hahas to present readers with a somewhat topsy-turvy, surreal suburban world inhabited by a range of bizarre, intensely funny characters including, among others, tattooed crocodiles and space punks; suicidal cats and mobster dogs.

First published in August 2015, Funny-Hahas is available from Roads Publishing, a division of internationally renowned lifestyle brand Roads, at just £20 (hardback). Young Toronto cartoonist Ted Gudlat is also available for bespoke cartoons; feature writing and interviews.

Based in Dublin and operated by its founder Danielle Ryan, high-end publisher Roads Publishing has a unique take on modern publishing of Designer Classics; Luxury Special Editions and illustrated books that specialise in Art and Design; Fashion and Culture.

Combining escapism and elegance with high focus on innovation and a truly forward-thinking view of the world, the company works with some of the finest international designers, curators and artists to create books that not only reward curiosity, but are also regarded as timeless, tactile works of art.

Certainly a work of art; extremely funny and perfect as a Christmas, birthday or ‘just because’ gift, Funny-Hahas will definitely delight any recipient with a sense of humour. It should perhaps be noted here that this rather crazy book’s drugs, drinking and bad language make it unsuitable for younger readers. As an adult comic book, however, it is definitely worth its price and will raise many a giggle.

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