Garmin HUD (Head-Up Display) Review

Garmin HUD (Head-Up Display) Review

The Garmin HUD would seem like one of those expensive luxury cars gadgets or something that should be on a jet fighter.

HUDOn the other hand it’s a gadget that can be seen as unnecessary and somewhat lacking in features compared to other options available.

Garmin HUD has a light sensitive projector that sits on your dash aimed at the front windscreen. Finding a dash position should not be too hard in most cars and the device sits quite snug on its sticky base with only the smallest of adjustment to the hinge to get a display on a typically sloped screen.

The power cord that can be used for the HUD will be able to plug into the 12volt cigarette lighter and supports a USB port to help keep your paired phone juiced as the Navigon app can chew through battery life.

The Garmin HUD has the ability to be able to connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone navigation app. Locally this is Garmin’s own Navigon even smarter for Android users it’s free however iPhone users will have to pay extra.

Bluetooth pairing is easy and quick with no codes needing to be exchanged unlike some other similar gadgets on the market.

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