Gee Whizz Magical Box of Tricks

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Packed with tremendous tricks (that do not require nimble fingers) and amazing activities, the Gee Whizz Magical Box of Tricks by Drumond Park makes a fantastic gift for younger kids who love all things magic.


Suitable for kids from the age of five upwards, the Gee Whizz Magical Box of Tricks has been specially put together to keep youngsters enthralled and entertained for ages. Activities include, among others, learning how to create visual effects, rainbow glasses and make shadow animals – all designed to stun not only friends, but the ‘performing’ kids themselves.


The 12 tricks and optical illusions in the box include, for example, magically growing a flower; pouring coins out of a seemingly empty dish and ‘cutting’ a rope before instantly (magically) repairing it; making a cord change colour by pulling it through an ‘ancient’ gold coin; changing a dice by pushing it through a magic tunnel and more.

Many of the tricks essentially ‘do themselves’ and some of the especially designed, unique props are based on ‘push-button’ magic, so your little magician can concentrate on perfecting their seamless performance – and when there is no audience to perform for, there is plenty of fun to be had with the optical illusions and activities.

1770 Gee Whizz Base_CS5

The Gee Whizz Magical Box of Tricks is available from Amazon, Debenhams and John Lewis; Smyths Toys, and Tesco. Prices vary between retailers and start at £14.99. For a great range of child games and jigsaws, click the link.

Allowing budding little magicians to perform some amazing tricks and offering hours of fun-packed play, this box of tricks will make a magical gift for your little one this Christmas. To see the full collection of games available from Drumond Park, please visit