Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey by Jack Daniels

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Whether you are treating a ‘whiskey newbie’ or a connoisseur, Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniels’ double-mellowed whiskey, is the perfect gift for Christmas and all other special occasions.

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee WhiskeyInspired (but never quite perfected due to limitations at the time), by original gentleman distiller and company founder Jack Daniel, Gentleman Jack is an exceptionally smooth whiskey thanks to undergoing the charcoal mellowing process not once, but twice.

Having rediscovered their founder’s original recipe, the company perfected the process and now this whiskey is, just like the Jack Daniels Single Barrel and Old No.7, charcoal mellowed for the first time before it goes into the barrel and then, unlike the others, undergoes a second mellowing through charcoal after reaching maturity.

Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey Bottle and BoxThe result is a yellowish-amber coloured delight with a soft, clean sweet vanilla and soft caramel nose; a slightly fruity, sweet vanilla and light spice flavour with just a hint of very well-balanced oak and a crisp, clean finish that produces just enough warmth in the back of your throat to let you know it’s there (without that terrible burning, coughing and spluttering you get with so many other whiskeys).

My Verdict

Having been given the pleasure to sample this delightful tipple, I – a former devotee of Scotch whiskies – am converted. This is a whiskey everyone will enjoy, from ‘newbies’ to ‘hard-core’ connoisseurs. Available from the Jack Daniels store at a price of just £35.99 and presented in a lovely, sturdy gift box, it will make a wonderful gift – and you can even have a message engraved (free of charge) on the bottle to make it more personal. Highly recommended!