Get more Exciting Selfies with the PNY Wireless Selfie Stick

Get more Exciting Selfies with the PNY Wireless Selfie Stick

Got someone who loves taking selfies? Really want to make their Christmas perfect? Then you might want to consider getting them the PNY Wireless Selfie Stick.


A must-have for all modern stockings, this incredibly handy little hi-tech gadget is unbelievably easy to use and makes taking perfect selfies as easy as it gets…

It takes just six simple steps to get the PNY Bluetooth Selfie Stick to provide you with more exciting, wider-angle selfies:

  1. Pair your PNY Selfie Stick with your smart phone
  2. Attach the smart phone mount (included)
  3. Insert your phone into the mount
  4. Launch your camera app
  5. Stretch your telescopic selfie stick (it will extend up to 100 cm)
  6. Press the shutter button on the Selfie Stick handle

That’s it – from here on, the world of interesting, wide-angle selfies is your oyster. To add even more fun to taking selfies with a difference, the angle of your Selfie Stick’s head (camera mount) can also be adjusted to 9 different angles (step-selection).

Compatible with Android 3.0 and higher and IOS 4.0 and above, the PNY Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick is also compatible with many compact cameras and can be recharged via any standard USB port.

When not in use, it will quickly and easily fold away and fit into even a comparatively small handbag, making it perfect not only for Christmas, but for holidays and parties all year round.

What makes this practical, fun gadget even more attractive is its surprisingly low price of between £7.99 and £14.99 (prices vary depending on retailer) from outlets including Amazon and Scan.

Even at the higher price of around £14.99, the PNY Wireless Selfie Stick is definitely an affordable, fantastic gift idea as a stocking filler or ‘secret Santa’ present for a selfie-enthusiast at work; for birthdays or any other occasion.

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