Gilette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition

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Still haven’t found the perfect Father’s Day present for your Dad? Looking for something a little special for your husband or brother’s birthday? The brand-new Gilette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition Razor could be the answer.

Gilette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition

Gilette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition in BoxRecently launched by Gilette in partnership with Boots, this exclusive new razor combines a stylish premium chrome handle and FlexBall technology with 5 sharp anti-friction blades, a Lubrastrip enhanced with more lubricants than ever before and a precision trimmer for a perfectly smooth shave.

Responding to the contours of the face, the blades smoothly glide over the skin for a shave that can barely be felt, getting virtually every single hair in the process, while the precision trimmer is brilliant for those tougher areas (sideburns, nose, etc.).

Gilette Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition Blade and Top ViewOffering approximately one month of stylish, exceptionally smooth shaving per blade refill, the Fusion5 ProGlide Chrome Edition is available online and from Boots stores across the UK at an RRP of only £9.99.

My Verdict

Having asked my beloved to try this new razor out for me, I can sadly say (sadly because I like him with a bit of stubble, lol) that this razor does exactly what it says on the packet. My Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his shave and his face has never been so smooth and stubble-free before. He loves it and has already announced that we will have to get him refills. Considering how stubborn his stubble is and how fussy he can be about his shaving, this is very high praise! Highly recommended.