Girl Tech Journal, a Gift of Privacy

Image showing Girl Tech Journal's secret compartment open.

Girl Tech Journal, a Gift of Privacy

Little girls do have secrets, and while those secrets are rarely of earth-shattering importance to anyone else, they tend to protect their innermost thoughts and feelings fiercely. Give your daughter, niece or friend the gift of privacy with a Girl Tech Journal.

Image showing  opened and closed Girl Tech Journal.

The Girl Tech Journal comes complete with invisible ink pen and a glow/ reading light.

Suitable for girls from the age of around six upwards, the electronic Girl Tech Journal 8 is password protected.

Featuring voice recognition technology, it identifies its owner’s voice and will only open when she says her password. She will also be able to record her own alerts, greetings and sign-offs.

Image showing Girl Tech Journal's secret compartment open.

The ‘secret’ compartment below the Girl Tech Journal’s notebook is perfect for hiding tiny treasures.

Inside the stylish pink Girl Tech Journal, she will find a notebook and a pen that writes in invisible ink. The ink can be made visible by the included glow (UV) light, which can also be toggled into an ordinary reading light. Behind the notebook is a little secret compartment perfect for keeping tiny treasures in.

Measuring approximately 235 mm x 51 mm x 286 mm and weighing 612 g, the Girl Tech Journal requires three AA batteries, which are sadly not included.

Available from Amazon at an affordable price of just £17.95 (RRP is £24.99), the Girl Tech Journal makes keeping thoughts private a lot easier for little girls. With the voice-activated password, there is no need to fiddle with tiny keys (or keep finding new hiding places for the keys to keep older siblings out of her journal), and the invisible ink provides extra protection. If she forgets her password, the journal can easily be reset to accept a new one.

The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or just because she’s been good, the Girl Tech Journal will go down a real treat with any little girl who values her privacy.

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