The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment

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There’s no better way to treat Dad this Father’s Day by giving him the gift of his favourite tipple. This is where I give thanks to William Grant & Sons Ltd. for their collection of unique whiskeys – they have made finding the perfect bottle for Dad easy!

A personal favourite of my husbands is The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment. Being an avid connoisseur of IPA, and on occasions the odd Scotch Whiskey, this seemed the perfect choice for him, and it did not disappoint!

This spectacular looking bottle is the world’s first single malt Scotch whisky finished (for 3 months) in bold and zesty IPA craft beer casks. William Grant & Sons Ltd. say –

“Created collaboratively by Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman and IPA expert Seb Jones, the IPA which was in the casks before the whisky was specially brewed for this expression by the Speyside Craft Brewery. Bound to be a fascinating whisky for whisky and beer enthusiasts alike.”

With tasting notes of aromatic hops, fresh herbs, citrus and vanilla, The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment offers much more than your usual Whiskey. Best served over ice and infused with a small slice of blood orange peel, this will make a very special tipple for Dad or Grandad this Father’s Day – after all, he deserves it! After tasting this delectable IPA Whiskey, my husband was pleasantly surprised. He says it was smooth, clean, crisp and fresh – everything a good Scotch Whiskey should be.

The Glenfiddich IPA Experiment bottle comes presented in a fabulous unique box and has a RRP of £43.76. It’s available from any major retailer, including Amazon.