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Gobbit is a simple, fast and frantic game suitable for all ages (7+) all based on cards from the food chain. This game demands observation, concentration and great reflexes – if you want to be the first to slam that card down!


The aim of the game –

“Gobbit is a reaction-based, superfast card-slapping game where the winner is last player to still have cards. The cards feature four animals in three colours, all of whom eat one another based on their colour and a rigid food chain: the chameleon eats the mosquito, the snake eats the chameleon, and the gorilla eats anything. Players take it in turns to reveal the top card in their pile but must have their wits about them – slap your animal to defend it from a predator’s attack, or slap your opponent’s animal to ‘eat’ it and claim their pile!”

Sound like fun – and after playing this with my children I have to completely agree! Yes, there was shouting, but there was also much laughter amongst a few slapped hands too!! When a player loses all their cards, the game isn’t over for them. They just have to be ultra-observing and slap their hands down before the remaining players and the then are back in the game. Fun, fun and more fun.

Gobbit is really easy to learn, and is also an addictive game too! Games can last up to 10 minutes, but it’s one of those games in which you just want to play over and over again – there’s hours of game play with Gobbit.


Gobbit is priced at £14 and available to buy from www.RulesofPlay.co.uk and www.Firebox.com. Each game also comes with a wristband which permits entry into all Gobbit tournaments taking place in stores throughout the UK.