GP Batteries Award-Winning Torches and Powerbanks

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Does your Dad love gadgets? Then one of GP Batteries’ fantastic high-quality torches and powerbanks could make the perfect Father’s Day gift for him this year.

GP Batteries Beam Collection Torches

The Beam Collection includes 8 models, each one of which features an ergonomic rugged design with a high-quality finish and an anodised, hard-wearing protective coating, as well as:

  • OPX-4 Water Resistance
  • Low/High Brightness Settings including an SOS Function
  • One-Hand Focus System
  • Effortless Light Control with Easy Single-Handed Operation
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Premium Quality LEDs
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
  • Anti-Roll/Tail Stand

Designed for men who require top quality, high specification flashlights, GP’s 100 to 1000 lumen range Beam collection includes the:

  • Task P36 Durable (SRP £34.99)

  • Penlight PP13 (SRP £24.99)
  • Every Day Carry P15 (SRP £24.98)
  • Multi-purpose P53 (SRP £44.99)
  • Multi-purpose Pro P55 (SRP £49.99)
  • Multi-purpose Rechargeable PR52 (SRP £69.98)
  • Penlight PP16 (SRP £34.99)

Last, but by no means least, there is the High Lumen Rechargeable PR57 (SRP £84.98), which I had the pleasure to sample together with GP’s mobile powerbank FP10MB (SRP £35). Here’s what I found…

The High Lumen Rechargeable PR57

Featuring a 1000 lumen range, this incredibly powerful flashlight may be paired with GP’s portable powerbanks range (not included in the SRP) and offers:

  • 3 brightness levels and strobe to suit a variety of needs and applications
  • A tactical dual switch enabling direct single-handed operation
  • Momentary-on and instant strobe
  • PWM regulation allowing for accurate light output across different levels

Suitable for a whole range of uses, this exceptional torch does exactly what it promises, is very well made and well worth its price – a fantastic gift for gadget-loving Dads I cannot recommend highly enough!

FP10MB Mobile Powerbank

Featuring a sleek-looking aluminium finish casing, the FP10MB has a quick-charge input (meaning it can be fully recharged and ready for action in as little as 4.5 hours) and dual outputs to enable simultaneous charging of two devices, as well as intensive safety features ensuring there is no over-charging or over-heating.

Whether you pair this great powerbank with the High Lumen Rechargeable PR57 torch or hope to help your Dad stay connected wherever he goes, this high-capacity (10,000mAH) model is one of the most reliable, fastest powerbanks you can treat him to-  highly recommended!

Why not visit GP Batteries to see the full range of GP torches and powerbanks and order your Dad’s gift right now?!