Great Gifts from August International

Great Gifts from August International

August International have a great range of gadgets and accessories that are perfect Christmas gift ideas for friends and loved ones. August’s EP715G Active Noise Cancelling Earphones and the MB415B Bluetooth Speaker and DAB/DAB+/FM Radio are among our favourites.


MB415B Bluetooth Speaker & DAB/DAB+/FM Radio

dab radio

Simply touch your Near Field Communication (NFC) Bluetooth speaker against your NFC enabled phone to pair up and you are ready to listen to all your favourite tunes on the phone. Alternatively, you can use the MB415B as a portable speaker for your tablet, laptop or PC; MP3 player or any other device either via Bluetooth or via its 3.5 mm Audio-in socket.

It does, however, not end here, because the MB415B by August International is more than just a Bluetooth speaker – it is also an easy-to-tune radio with the ability to store up to 10 favourite stations and enhanced track information; an MP3 player enabling you to play audiobooks or songs directly from any USB or SD card and an alarm clock.

Just to make sure you can start your day exactly how you like it, the alarm clock lets you set two different alarm times and gives you a choice of how you will be woken up (by your favourite station, by the station you last listened to the night before or by a more traditional buzzer).

It looks classy, it is highly functional and it has an RRP of £62.50, making it a practical, stylish and affordable gift. To make this deal even tastier, iDaffodil are currently offering the MB415B at a reduced price of just £49.95. Shopping for Christmas does not get any better.


EP715G Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Weighing just 25 g, these earphones allow you to totally lose yourself in whatever you are listening to by using active noise control (all you have to do is flick a switch) to block out any low frequency sounds in the background. Reducing engine noise, for example, to a mere whisper, this makes the EP715Gs perfect for anyone who likes to listen to music while travelling by road, train or air.


The set’s integrated microphone and control switch make answering your phone, having a peaceful chat and hanging up again quick and easy, without having to touch your phone or getting it out of your pocket.

Combined with the fact that the earphones can be powered by a single AAA battery (which is included) and charged via its Micro USB lead (also included) by plugging it into your smartphone, Lightning or Micro USB power banks everywhere, these earphones are definitely a fantastic gift for loved ones who travel a lot or simply like to listen to things or answer their phone in peace. Presented in a classy case, they have an RRP of £34.95, but are currently available from iDaffodil at just £29.95.

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