Great OXO Gifts for many Special Occasions

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When it comes to innovative kitchen accessories, OXO have certainly got what it takes.  My kitchen has got many utensils from OXO, and I can assure you that these are the most used out of all my ‘many’ gadgets!!  I got sent the below three products and put them to use straight away –

The OXO Smooth Potato Masher (RRP £12.50), is designed specifically to allow smooth, lump-free mashing of potatoes and root vegetables, as well as other vegetables or fruit for home-made baby food. Cushioning your grip and absorbing pressure, the masher’s horizontal, soft and broad handle allows you to press straight down without putting too much pressure onto your hands, while the fine stainless steel grid of the mashing plate yields perfectly smooth results.  It works delightfully and is as good as any ricer that I have used in the past.

oxo masher


Equally innovative and dishwasher-safe, the new OXO Good Grips Garlic Press (RRP £14) is constructed from tough die-cast zinc and features soft, slightly arched non-slip handles that provide extra comfort and make squeezing effortless by absorbing pressure. The press’ large capacity chamber enables simultaneous pressing of multiple cloves, while its efficient hole pattern makes pushing garlic through it exceptionally easy. Cleaning out excess garlic is made as simple as flipping over the handles by the press’ built-in cleaner.  What I love about this press, is that you don’t even need to peel your garlic beforehand – it still works with ease!

oxo garlic

Washing up is also made easier with the conveniently compact, convertible OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack (RRP £35). Featuring a plate rack (safe for delicate dishware and fine china) that neatly holds bowls and plates upright, then folds down to make room for cookware, larger bowls and more, it also has:

  • A handy cup rack inside it that is perfect for draining cups, mugs and glasses without dripping all over your counter
  • Divided, removable utensil holders (for easy unloading)
  • Fold-out feet and spout for draining collected water from the rack straight into the sink

Once done, the rack’s feet, spout and side walls fold down for neat, compact storage.  It’s not unsightly and actually looks quite good sitting by the sink.  But, when the house is expecting guests, it great to have the option to neatly store it in the cupboard below the sink!

oxo dish rack

Practical, stylish and reasonably priced, every one of these gadgets makes a perfect, highly recommended engagement, wedding or home-warming; birthday or ‘just because’ gift.  Visit  to view the full range.