Gro-Egg, a Gift of Peace of Mind

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Keeping your baby’s sleeping environment cosy without making it uncomfortably hot can be tricky. Just a few degrees in the wrong direction of perfect can mean your little one is less than happy and could potentially become ill. Not to mention the lack of sleep you will suffer. Thanks to the Grow-Store’s innovative Gro-Egg, this no longer has to be the case.


Doubling up as a nightlight, the Gro-Egg not only tells you the temperature of the room in the shape of a clear, permanently back-lit LCD display, it also changes colour, allowing you to check from a distance that all is well without having to disturb your little one. If your Gro-Egg glows yellow, the temperature is comfortable, while a blue glow indicates it is too cold. When it gets too warm, the egg changes to red. Getting peace of mind has never been easier.

Standing just 10.6 tall and supplied complete with a power adapter, safe sleep guide and instructions, the Gro-Egg is available directly from  at an RRP of only £21.99.

This fantastic little gadget is well worth buying for your own peace of mind; as a practical gift to welcome a new baby, or just because you care.