Gutterhead – A Game For Adults! Discount code!!

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Gutterhead – a Fiendishly Filthy Party Drawing Game for Adults

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone with a naughty sense of humour, look no further than Gutterhead, the latest drawing game for adults.

A little like a somewhat disturbed love child of Cards against Humanity and Pictionary, this rapid-fire party game involves two teams competing in a race to the finish line. One member of each team picks a card and then must draw the fiendishly filthy word on it. The rest of the team then must guess what the word is. The round’s winning team then rolls the dice to move closer to the finish. Including a total of 240 cards (giving more than a billion possible combinations), this game also has an array of outrageous drinking rules designed to take things up a notch when the party gets boozy.

Available at an RRP of £29.99 directly from, this is an adult-only party game that will quickly have players in fits of hysterical laughter. Unlike many similar games, which lose their impact as soon as the shock value of the first few rounds wears off, this game has the perfect mix of gross adult humour and real playability to keep on playing – and will liven up parties time and time again. Highly recommended – but do be very much aware of the fact that this is in no way suitable for anyone under the age of 18!

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