Heelys – Superior Skate Shoes for boys from Skates.co.uk

Heelys – Superior Skate Shoes for boys from Skates.co.uk

Shoe shopping for boys…. Yawn.

Things have changed. I did a little online shopping recently with my two boys aged 9 & 10 and they were freaking out with joy!

We were looking at a huge range of shoes with a very special difference, Heelys – with the all important wheels built in!

As the title of this review suggests, Heelys are superior skate shoes. I guess the main point about these shoes is the wheel (or wheels, some models have two wheels per individual shoe), and the wheel(s) are brilliant.

But beyond the wheel is the extent of choice offered by Skates.co.uk. The range is complete with classic skate shoe styles and hi-tops on offer, in an assortment of colours.

heelys range

The styles of these shoes are bang on when it comes to the kids. The styles alone might just have made the shoes real winners. But then consider the wheel…

The wheel makes the shoe! No doubt, but the colours and styles make Skates.co.uk the best place to go to for these skate shoes. The shoes are priced very reasonably – in fact, better than most trainers available elsewhere and they do not come with the wheels!

Upon delivery (V fast) I noticed a couple of extra positives. The finish of these skate shoes is of the highest quality. These shoes are built to last, even at high speeds. Another super fine touch was the addition of lots of stickers (why not?) and a packet of Haribo sweets. It’s things like this that can set a brand apart.

I cannot recommend the concept, choice, styling or finish of these products highly enough. To use the correct skate terminology, Skates.co.uk Heelys are awesome.

If you want to surprise your kids this Christmas, get them some Heelys from Skates.co.uk. Watch them mask their disappointment as they realise you got them shoes – then watch their faces light up when they see exactly what shoes they are!

Head to Skates.co.uk to grab yourself a bargain. They also do Heelys for girls too!

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