Hello Sunshine

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Ahh, don’t you just love spring and summer time?  Especially when the sun has got his hat on too; it’s time to get outside and have a whole heap of fun.  Being a mum to two older boys and a little toddler, we have many a day outside playing.  Either riding our bikes, kicking a football around, going to the park and for walks in the forest, and now playing hide and seek with our new friend ‘Hello Sunshine’.

TF Hello Sunshine Pack Shot HR CSG

Hello Sunshine is a simple game from Thinkfun.  It’s purely a cute plush toy in which you use cards to help play hide and seek with.  My little girl adores her Hello Sunshine and is forever playing with it – her brothers take delight in playing her game too!  The giggles of pure enjoyment in my house is wonderful to hear and always puts a smile on my face.  Mind you, this charming toy is also pushed around in her buggy, strapped into the car seat, brought to bed and is a regular guest at her pretend tea parties – there’s quite a friendship going on!


ThinkFun love Hello Sunshine because –

  • It’s a great way to help children understand positional instructions such as: in, on top, below, next to, and more.
  • You can make the game as long or as short as you want depending on attention span
  • It’s a lovely game to play inside or outside during the spring & summer months!


Hello Sunshine comes in a box which contains a large plush Sunshine, 18 double-sided cards with 36 hiding places (the pictures make it easy for young children to understand) and also a parent’s guide.  It costs £15 and is available from Amazon.  For more information and to see other games available from ThinkFun, please visit www.thinkfun.com.