Holiday Fun with iZ Christmas Nail Wraps

Holiday Fun with iZ Christmas Nail Wraps

If you are looking for some last-minute stocking fillers or a quick and easy ‘Christmas party fix’ for your nails, iZBeauty of London has the perfect answer.  This company’s extensive range of nail wraps now includes five delightful Christmas Nail Wrap designs:

Nail wrap christmas jumper

  • IZ Christmas Jumper
  • IZ White Christmas
  • IZ Holidays are Coming
  • IZ Winter Wonderland
  • IZ Baby it’s Cold Outside

Available from at just £6.50 per pack, these stunning wraps are perfect for the party season and come complete with a nail file and full instructions.

No-Fuss Christmas Cheer

Not requiring any base or top coats (or even additional colour), these funky Christmas Nail Wraps are an excellent alternative to nail varnish and can be applied within a matter of minutes by:

  • Simply pressing them onto your nails
  • Cutting them to the required size and/ or shape
  • Filing away any excess around the edges of the nails

Et voilà, your nails are cute and ready for some real Christmas cheer, without the fuss usually associated with getting your nails to look gorgeous.

Christmas Nail Wraps

Gorgeous, easy to use and definitely affordable, iZ Christmas Nail Wraps are definitely worth investing in for your own use or indeed as a gift for someone else. This naturally applies to the complete range of wraps, which includes a whole array of amazing designs for all occasions.

Other great iZBeauty of London Ideas

Should you prefer to create your own nail designs, iz Beauty of London also offers a plethora of other, equally stylish, yet affordable nail art products, including:

To make applications easier, a range of tools, including a Rhinestone Carousel and a handy Gem Dotter, are also available at what can only be described as unbelievably reasonable prices.

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