IDO3D Design Studio 3D Pens

Emma Handley

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Looking for something special to give creative kids (or adults) this Christmas? Fed up with getting sets of crayons or colouring books? Then you will love the new IDO3D Design Studio 3D Pens.

IDO3D Design Studio 3D Pens


Allowing creativity to go wild, the pens not only draw – they draw in 3D. In other words, you can actually build your very own masterpieces by simply using the pens to draw whatever comes to mind.

This is not as complicated as it may sound – you basically draw your creations (either by following the included 3D templates or by simply using your imagination) in parts, then stick the parts together.

The material inside the pens is dried by using the included UV light, which will require three AAA batteries (they are not included, so make sure you get in a supply in readiness for many works of art). It may take a little while for the material to dry, so patience is advised.

Including four differently coloured 3D Pens, 3D templates, the UV spotlight and a handy 3D guide, the set is suitable for ages 6 to 99 and is available at just £24.99 (RRP) from Toys’R’Us and other stores and online retailers.

Drawing will never be quite the same again, and recipients will simply adore the fun they can have with these extraordinary pens. Definitely a must-buy Christmas present for creative loved ones.