iFit Vue

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iFit Vue – Get a New Perspective on Fitness

Achieving and maintaining fitness can be difficult, but with Fitness Wearables by Nordic Track, you can get new, brighter perspective on your unique journey to health. The excellent iFit Vue, for example, is designed to inspire you to keep going by celebrating your achievements and transforming your seemingly minor actions into major milestones.

Featuring a bright OLED touchscreen display, the water-resistant iFit Vue allows you to view all your real-time activity stats for steps; distance, burnt calories and sleep at a touch. Synching all your data/stats immediately with the iFit App (downloadable from Google Play and the Apple Store), as well as your iFit.com profile, it allows you to constantly keep a track on your progress.

iFit Vue SmartMove Technology

The integrated SmartMove technology of the iFit Vue ensures you continually get meaningful, accurate feedback and data by detecting specific movement patterns and switches in your activities. It will, for instance, know when you are switching from cycling to swimming; or from running to sleeping, and settings can be adjusted to automatically switch between Active and Sleep modes.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Compatible with our BLE Chest Belt Strap (sold separately), it will also enable you to monitor your continuous heart rate and view it right there on your wrist.

iFit Vue Alerts

In addition to allowing you to monitor your progress, the iFit Vue also sends you quick, motivating messages (announced by a gentle vibration) to remind you to hydrate or move, for example. It will also alert you to incoming calls, messages and texts.

Priced at just £99, the iFit Vue makes health & fitness fun – making it well worth the investment. Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Gen and Android 4.3 and newer, it is available from Nordic Track in two (S/M or L/XL) stretchy wristband sizes and two colours (black/blue or Sangria). Visit www.nordictrack.co.uk for more details.