Institute Manicure & Pedicure Centre by Scholl  

Institute Manicure & Pedicure Centre by Scholl  

This Scholl Institute Manicure & Pedicure Centre is an ideal gift for those who are seeking the professional look at home!  With twelve high quality attachments for the feet and hands, this will becomes an at home beauty gadget that you won’t be able to do without!!


The Ultimate Manicure and Pedicure Centre will do everything that a nail salon will.  It not only buffs and shapes nails beautifully, but will also remove hard skin from your feet and hands. You can manicure/ pedicure nails from the external edge to the centre on both hands and feet. There 7 different attachment for your hands and 5 attachments for your feet, they include the following –

Attachments for your hands:

  • Small Fine Shaping Disc – Gently files & smooths nails to desired shape.
  • Cylindrical Filer – Files & treats the surface of nails that may be thick as a result of neglect or infection. Regular filing is recommended.
  • Rounded Filer – For precise nail filing.
  • Large Pointed Stone – For shaping nail corners.
  • Thin Pointed Stone – Helps prevent the risk of in-growing nails & shapes nail corners Small Thin Pointed Stone – For removing thick cuticles, dead skin around the nail & for shaping nail corners.
  • Small Polishing Stone – Smooths & buffs fingernails for a glossy finish.

Attachments for your feet:

  • Rough Skin Remover – To eliminate rough skin and reduce corns generally localized on toes.
  • Rough Grain Cone – Treats thick calluses (areas of skin which have become thick and hard in response to friction).
  • Fine Grain Cone – To remove dead skin and treat in-growing nails.
  • Large Coarse Shaping Disc – Shapes and files thick, coarse toenails.
  • Large Polishing Cone – Smooths & buffs for a glossy finish to toenails.

The Institute Manicure & Pedicure Centre comes in a compact case for easy storage and with a 5 year guarantee for peace of mind.  It is priced at £69.90 and is available from Amazon, Argos and Debenham’s.




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