Irish Fairy Doors, Magical Gifts for Christmas

Irish Fairy Doors, Magical Gifts for Christmas

Create a little magic and memorable family moments this Christmas by giving someone you love an Irish Fairy Door.

Hand-made, sprinkled with magic and decorated in Ireland, the high quality wooden Irish Fairy Doors are available in a choice of two shapes (arched or round) and five colours (red, pink or purple; blue or yellow). Decorations may vary slightly, but each door measures about 12 cm in height and comes complete with a tiny key (supplied in a glass bottle).


Ready for fairies to make a new home in gardens and homes around the world, Irish Fairy Doors have a secret code inside their box that enables proud owners to register their fairy and receive the official ‘Fairy Lease Agreement’ (containing ‘household’ rules fairies and their new-found little human friends should follow), which will provide them with free access (unlimited) to ‘Magical Matters’; priority notification of new activities and stories and more.

‘Magical Matters’ offers uplifting, enchanting fairy stories, as well as a host of children’s activities and advice on how to engage, interact with and help your newly moved-in fairy.


Available directly from Irish Fairy Doors or through a host of retailers around the UK, Ireland and Canada (list of stockists), Irish Fairy Doors are priced at just £19.99 each (including shipping).

There is also a wide range of accessories to make your fairy more comfortable, including, for instance:

  • Irish Fairy Door Wall Art (6 options), at £5.99 each
  • Door Plaques, £3.99
  • Clothes lines with a choice of male or female fairy clothing, £7.99 each
  • Fairy dust; 2 options at £3.99 each
  • Fairy Stepping Stones (wooden), £2.99
  • Welcome Mat, £2.99
  • Fairy Tooth Plate, £4.99
  • Fairy Treats Plate, £4.99

Other available products include the personalised ‘The Magical Dream’ book (£10.99); ‘The Fairy who saved Christmas’ (book; £5.99) and the illustrated ‘Fairy Force’ book (£5.99).

Adding a little extra magic to Christmas has never been easier (or more affordable) than with these delightful little Irish Fairy Doors.

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