ItsYourStory Personalised Books For Christmas

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If you are looking for a present to really make a child’s Christmas extra special this year, then ItsYourStory is here to help. Itsyourstory specialises in stunning personalised books which bring reading to life by featuring your child in the pictures as well as the story. These delightful books will bring joy to little faces all over the country and would make fantastic gifts for children aged one up to eight years old.

I adore the photo-personalised early learning ABC book ‘From A to Z with (Name of Child)’, as does my 4-year-old daughter! This book is perfect for her as she has just started school and it helps her to learn her letters in a fun way.

Written by Holly Wright and beautifully illustrated by Anne Horton, this large A4 sized alphabet learning book incorporates a photo of your child’s face into most illustrations. Your child’s name and also appears in the text making it exciting for your child to read and learn. In this book, each letter is accompanied by a picture and a simple sentence which emphasises the sound, making it the perfect book for children who are just starting to learn to read. Examples of this are – ‘Ll is for Lolly. Nancy Licks her Lemon Lolly’, and, ‘Hh is for Hat. Nancy has a Huge Hat on her Head’.

This book not only helps your child to learn their sounds and letter, but will bring you on an exciting adventure also. You will meet lots of different animals, build a sandcastle at the beach and even riding a rocket to the moon! I can guarantee that there will be lots of giggles too when your little one sees their face on some funny illustrations!

This book is ideal for children aged from two to five-year olds. It comprises of 32 pages with a full colour gloss cover. You can purchase this in paperback (£17.50) or hardback (£20). Please visit HERE to buy.

Or, if it’s an extra special gift you are looking for from Daddy and Mummy, then this Adult Zoo Adventure book is perfect.

This book celebrates the relationship between an adult and a child. The grown-up could be Daddy, Mummy, any Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, or any adult that is special to them. This book is able to mention up to three children, each mentioned in the story, with the adults face incorporated in the illustrations. The story is a huge adventure to the zoo, where the adult swings in the trees with the monkeys, hangs upside down alongside bats, hides in the bamboo with a panda and visits the hippo’s birthday party. It really is an excellent book to read with your child and has gone down a treat in my household (even the much bigger brothers!).

What I like about this is the added questions for the child on each page. For example, ‘Can you roar like a lion? What colours can you see on the umbrella? And Can you walk like a penguin?’. It includes lots of personal information such as the child’s favourite food, address and the names of friends. With animal facts, and facts about the adult starring in the book, this zoo adventure book is a whole heap of fun.

This book is ideal to read to a child from two to six years of age – but I can guarantee that the adults will love it just as much as the children will! The adult’s face is included 13 times in the illustrations, and their name features 26 times in the book and the child’s name 19 times. It comprises of 32 colourful, well-illustrated pages and measures 21 x 28 cm. You can purchase this in paperback (£17.50) or hardback (£20). Please visit HERE to buy.

Each of these books would make great gifts for any celebration throughout the year. They are both magical to read and will be treasured for many years. ItsYourStory have a range of other gifts available too, from personalised clothing to personalised water bottles. To see the full range, please visit