JAM Trance mini

Emma Handley

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This portable mini speaker from JAM has got to be one of the ‘coolest’ speakers I have seen – well, that’s exactly what my 11 year old said!!  Small in size, this little cube packs a huge punch.  It’s really light-weight, gives out the most spectacular sound and on top of that, it lights up!!


The JAM Trance Mini incorporates 36 different LED light programs which glow while you get down. Play your favourite tunes.  The wireless technology means you can pair it with any Bluetooth device up to 30 feet away, this makes it a fantastic speaker for entertaining guest outside as well as indoors.  A fully charged unit will give you an awesome five hours (approx.).


Pair your phone, iPad, iPod or whatever Bluetooth device you have to this super speaker and play you favourite music wherever you go.  It’ll be great to bring on picnics or even to birthday parties for children to have a boogie too.  If you pair it with your phone, the integrated speakerphone means that you can switch seamlessly from music to conversation

The JAM Trance mini is currently at a special price of £29.99 (RRP £39.99) from www.jamaudio.com.