JAM Transit Headphones

JAM Transit Headphones

As far as headphones go, these wireless ones from Jam are top of the class!!  With Bluetooth wireless capabilities up to 10 metres, fantastic sound and a lengthy battery, the Jam Transit Headphones should be top of your Christmas list this year.

jam headphones

These Jam Transit Wireless Headphones feature Bluetooth wireless functionality with a built in microphone for taking calls.  Switching from music to calls is by the simple touch of a button too!  They deliver sound marvelously, can give you up to 11 hours play time with a fully recharged battery, and all this without a single wire in site – don’t they sound great!!

The Jam Transit Bluetooth headphones are ideal for listening to your favourite music on the move.  The ear cups are soft and comfortable, and fit well without much movement at all.  You can easily have hands-free conversations from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or video calls on your Tablet, laptop or pc.  I really like the controls on the side of the headphones, where you can easily control your music, i.e. adjust the volume or change tracks, without picking up your device.

The Jam Transit Bluetooth headphones come already pre-charged, so on Christmas morning the recipient can start ‘playing’ immediately without having to wait a lengthy time to charge (always a bonus in my eyes!).  They are study, comfortable, emit great sound, have simple controls and I think are priced well too.  Buy your Jam Transit Headphones for £59.99 from Jam Audio UK, Amazon and other independent retailers.


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