Jim Beam Double Oak, a Special Treat for Bourbon Lovers

Bottle and box of Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

Jim Beam Double Oak, a Special Treat for Bourbon Lovers

Bourbon makers Jim Beam recently launched the latest addition to their family of premium bourbons – Jim Beam Double Oak. Smooth in taste, yet intense in flavour, this exquisite tipple will make the perfect Christmas gift for bourbon lovers.

Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon

Bottle and box of Jim Beam Double Oak BourbonLike all of Jim Beam’s Kentucky Straight Bourbons, the Double Oak is first of all matured in newly charred barrels of American white oak. It is then transferred for an additional ageing period into new, freshly charred oak barrels. The process of barrelling this precious liquid twice allows its contact with the wood to be greater, which in turn enables it to draw out exceptional, perfectly balanced depth.

Serving Suggestion

The signature serve of Jim Beam Double Oak Bourbon is the Double Oak Fashioned, a delightful twist on the ‘king of bourbon’ classic cocktail entailing mixing the Double Oak with sugar and bitters and serving it with fresh lemon and orange zest. All you need to make this delicious cocktail is:

  • 50ml of Jim Beam Double Oak
  • 1 dash each of orange and lemon bitters
  • 2 bar spoons (small) of brown sugar

Building your cocktail in the glass, mix a splash of Double Oak into a paste with the bitters and sugar; gradually add 50 ml of Double Oak and cubed ice, stirring until you have achieved the desired dilution. Finally, add the zest and serve.

My Verdict

Currently available from Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose at a reduced price of just £20 (usual RRP is around £27.99), the Jim Beam Double Oak is a cut above the rest. As smooth and flavoursome as it promises, it is a delight served as above; on its own or (as my better half likes it best) in coffee – making it a fantastic present for Bourbon lovers everywhere!

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