Justin’s House Playset

 Justin’s House Playset


Fans of CBeebies will adore this Justin’s House Playset. A very popular show among young children, Justin’s House is such a fun show to watch. My little girl who is 3 years old watches it and is always laughing and singing along to it. In fact, I can’t say ‘Justin’s House’ without signing the theme tune!! Justin Fletcher is ever popular with children, mostly known for his Mr Tumble role. And to be able to play along with him is a whole heap of fun. This cute little playset will bring Justin’s House right into your living room and I can guarantee that you little ones will play with it for hours!

justin                                             justin1

A perfect adaptation of the house itself, the design of the playset is very lifelike and your children will know exactly what it is when they see it – it brings to life all you see on the show! Coming complete with the figurines of Justin and Robert the Robot, your children can recreate their most favourite moments from the show, or let their imagination flow and make up their own fun adventure’s.


Justin’s House Playset (£34.99) also come complete with visitor character cards, Little Monster pop ups, and sounds from the show – children can also sing along to the theme tune which is fab! The set itself is robust and extremely playable, absolutely perfect for children aged 3 years and over. So come on, make their little faces light up on Christmas morning and give your little one the gift of Justin’s House Playset. To purchase, please visit Tesco Direct.


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