The ‘hard to buy for’ gift… Sorted with K-Pay contactless payment solutions

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We all know that person… the one who is always difficult to buy for, whether it’s birthdays or Christmas. I think the new wearable range of contactless payment solutions from K-Pay will finally solve that.

Available in a large range of bracelets, necklaces, key fobs and strap tags, these wearables are ideal for all. With prices starting from £17 (Maverick strap tag), they suit pretty much all budgets.

What is K-Pay?

It’s a simple concept. You know your contactless credit or debit card? K-Pay accommodates similar tech within beautifully designed and functional wearables. This means you are always covered (perfect for those who often forget their wallets – we know some of them too!).

By wearing a K-Pay bracelet or necklace, or by having a K-Pay key ring, you will always have a means of paying for stuff – even if you leave your wallet or purse at home.

I’m not too techy, but managed to set mine up within 5 minutes. That’s out of the box, install of Pingit (a secure mobile payments app from Barclays) and connection to my bank account… 5 minutes!

This gave me the perfect excuse to nip to the shop for a treat, to see if my K-Pay worked for me. It did of course work first time, and the checkout lady was seriously impressed with the bracelet.

Perfectly functional, Beautifully designed

Here are some of the K-Pay product choices. It’s amazing to think that these wonderful items of jewellery are actually very decent contactless payment solutions.

If you are struggling with a gift idea, K-Pay could be just the thing. These are perfect for basically anyone with a credit or debit card.

I am also thinking of these for my young teenage sons. Pingit offers a ‘money storage jar’ within the app. So, in theory I could load up their K-Pays each week with their weekly spend / pocket money. The Jar also offers a scheduled payment so their pocket money could replenish on their K-Pay weekly.

There’s so much to love about the K-Pay range, but for me it’s the freedom that comes with not having to carry your cards with you everywhere.

For more information, or to shop the K-Pay collections, click HERE.