Karma7 Nose Studs with Swarovski Gems

Image featuring a selection of Karma7 Nose Studs with Swarovski Gems

Karma7 Nose Studs with Swarovski Gems

If you or someone you love likes both nose studs and Swarovski gems, Karma7’s stunning collection of Nose Studs with Swarovski Gemstones will undoubtedly have you reaching for the ‘Buy Now’ button in no time at all.

Image featuring a selection of Karma7 Nose Studs with Swarovski GemsThe collection includes a wide variety of studs set with Swarovski gems in a multitude of colours. Each one of these gems, which include varying colours of genuine amethysts, sapphires and topaz, is hand-set into a 9-carat gold claw setting to allow for maximum light returning through the gem and subsequently showing off each stone’s vivid colour to perfection.

All gem options are available in two sizes, 1.7 mm and 2.1 mm. You also have a choice of two stem materials, 9-carat gold or Bioflex Technology, which is, of course, perfect for you if you suffer with metal allergies.

These choices mean that there is a Swarovski Gemstone Nose Stud suitable for any taste or occasion. If, like me, for example, you prefer your nose studs to be quite small and unobtrusive, the delightful 1.7 mm Swarovski Gem Nose Studs would be the perfect solution.

Close-up of Karma7 Ice Blue Topaz and Bioflex Nose Stud, 1-7mmI had the pleasure to try out the gorgeous 1.7 mm Ice Blue Topaz Swarosvski Gem Stud with a hypo-allergenic Bioflex stem (RRP £5.99). The clear stem does not draw any attention away from the stunning little Swarovski stone, sits very nicely out of the way and safely keeps the stud in my nose (I am a devil for losing nose studs!). In short, this easy to fit and extremely comfortable little gem of a stud (if you’ll pardon the pun) is simply perfect.

Prices for the Karma7 Nose Studs with Swarovski Gems range between £5.99 and £8.99. At these prices, they make perfect gifts for friends or family – and you can even add a little luxury to your own nose piercing without having to feel guilty!

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