KISS USA Gel Dress

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KISS USA have fantastic gifts for any occasion, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Take the delightful Kiss Gel Dress strips, for example. Combining gorgeous, fashionable colours and patterns, the KISS Gel Dress gel strips are not only exceptionally easy to apply, they are also the only gel strips on the market with quick and easy peel-off removal.

The pack contains 40 strips for both full and French manicures, as well as a mini file; a manicure-stick and a wipe and shine pad. It has an RRP of £5.99, but is currently (at time of writing) available from Superdrug at just £2.99 – a real treat just in time for Valentine’s Day.

GPD12-Jun 20 2014

Worn with a regular top-coat, the strips can be worn for up to a week. Used in combination with KISS Double-Up Gel (RRP £11.99, also available from Superdrug) and the KISS LED-Lamp (RRP 39.99, available from Tesco) the Gel Dress strips will last for as long as two weeks.  

Everlasting_Gel_Lamp_C_4 (2)

If, like me, you are simply hopeless at making your regular nail varnish look this great, these strips are definitely a gift sent straight from heaven.

Delightful to look at, easy to use and remove, KISS Gel Dress Gel Strips make professional looking manicures child’s play and are a great gift for someone you love not just for Valentine’s, but for any occasion, from Mother’s Day or Easter to birthdays, anniversaries and more.

You could also treat yourself to a pack or two (I know I will get some more). At this price, there is no need to feel guilty about splashing out a little on yourself – and your beautifully manicured nails will without doubt be admired by your beloved, the rest of your family and everyone else this Valentine’s Day.