Lakes Distillery ‘The One’ Blended Whisky

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If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a whisky lover, you should seriously consider Lakes Distillery’s ‘The One’ Blended Whisky.

Lakes Distillery ‘The One’ Blended Whisky

The two blended ‘The One’ whiskies to consider include ‘The One Classic Blend’ and ‘The One Tawny Port Finish’. Here is a little info on both of them.

‘The One Classic Blend’

Lakes Distillery Blended Whisky - The One, with CylinderBlended from some of the British Isles’ finest aged whiskies, this delicious drop of award-winning whisky offers a unique flavour combination with slightly smoky; nutty, sweet and fruity taste notes and a hint of spice,

‘The One’ is perfect for enjoying neat or with a little water, which really brings out this outstanding whisky’s subtle aromas and flavours. The One’ is available directly from Lakes Distillery at an RRP of £29.95/70cl and is delivered in a stylish, branded display cylinder.

‘The One Tawny Port Finish’

Lakes Distillery Blended Whisky - The One Tawny Port Finish, with CylinderAlso blended from exquisite British Isle whiskies, this blend has been finished to delicious perfection in French Oak Tawny Port casks. Enhancing this fine blend with an aroma of orange peel, dried fruits and nuts, this finishing process adds something a little extra special to its slightly smoky, sweet and nutty taste notes with hints of spice, fruit compote and golden syrup.

This fine whisky is also available directly from Lakes Distillery, comes in a branded cylinder and has an RRP of £39.95/70cl.

My Verdict

My husband and I usually prefer single malts, but ‘The One’ is something special that could easily convert both of us into blended whisky lovers.

Extremely smooth, wonderful-tasting and free of that ‘shudder-effect’ of most blended whiskies, it is a fine drop of whisky that will make a fantastic gift for anyone on any occasion.

We highly recommended both the ‘Classic Blend’ and the ‘Tawny Port Finish’ for connoisseurs and ‘whisky newbies’ alike.