Lavazza Coffee Machines Make Fantastic Mother’s Day Gifts

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If your mum loves coffee, she’ll love getting one of Lavazza’s wonderful coffee machines this Mother’s Day. She’ll appreciate it even more if you go the whole way and treat her to some of the company’s delicious coffee capsules while you’re at it…

Lavazza Coffee Machines

Lavazza have a whole range of coffee machines designed to cater for all kinds of personal tastes, including the:

Lavazza Coffee Machines - Image showing 'A Modo Mio Fantasia Plus'Lavazza A Modo Mio Fantasia Plus – this fantastic machine has 36 settings enabling you to create any kind of hot or cold cappuccino, frappuccino, iced coffee shakes and more. Perfect for coffee-loving, multi-tasking mums who enjoy their coffee in a variety of ways, this machine retails at £169.

Lavazza Coffee Machines - Image showing 'A Modo Mio Magia Plus'Lavazza A Modo Mio Magia Plus – retailing at £129, this brilliant machine features a semi-automatic brewing system; memory and temperature controls and an automatic shutdown function. It also comes complete with an adjustable cup rack catering for all sizes of cups.

Lavazza Coffee Machines - Image showing'A Modo Mio Jolie' in RedLavazza A Modo Mio Jolie – the ideal choice if your mum loves espresso, this machine is the smallest of Lavazza’s coffee machines. Emitting just 44 dB while brewing (roughly the equivalent of birds chirping), it is also the quietest. Featuring a semi-automatic brewing system and automatic shut-down, this machine is available in a choice of delightful colours. Super compact and designed to add a little Italian style to your mum’s kitchen, the A Modo Mio Jolie retails at £79.

All of these coffee machines and many more are available from John Lewis stores or online directly from Lavazza. Stylish and practical, these coffee machines will make outstanding gifts for mums who love their coffee. Highly recommended!

Lavazza Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules by LLavazza Coffee Capsules - Qualita Rossaavazza are available in a choice of 14 different blends/flavours, including the:

Unbelievably delicious (I know, I tried it) Qualita Rossa – a blend combining Africa’s heart with South America’s soul into a rich, medium roast body with hints of sultry dark chocolate.

DeliciouslLavazza Coffee Capsules - Cereja Passitay sweet Cereja Passita, which is made 100 per cent from medium roast Arabica beans and offers flavoursome chocolate and honey notes – perfect if mum has a sweet tooth!

Prices range between £4.20 and £5.55 for 16 capsules – an average of just over 30 p a serving, which is not bad at all and definitely worth adding to your gift! You can check out the entire range here.