LeapBand by LeapFrog

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When you want to encourage healthy habits and active play in young children, the LeapBand by LeapFrog is the perfect gift.


Pre-loaded with 14 fun activity challenges (including ‘wiggling like a worm’; ‘walking toward something yellow’ or pretending to ‘move just like a train’, for example), the LeapBand is a wearable activity tracker designed to make fitness fun and integrate comprehension and activity while running about. Another 36 activities can also be downloaded.

Also featuring a ‘pet pal’ function (with 8 customisable pets to choose from) and associated on-screen games (including Pet Chef, Pet Boogie and Pet Parlour, for example), the LeapFrog LeapBand also rewards kids with points for caring for and playing with their pets (for extra pet awards), thereby teaching kids about the responsibilities involved in caring for a pert, as well as offering rewards for being active.

Tested with families from start to finish of the development process, the LeapBand also features a:

  • Splash-proof design
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Colour screen (high-resolution)

Certified for great play outdoors, it is supported by Olympians Greg Rutherford and Beth Tweddle and offers an innovative, motivational and fun way to get kids up and running about outside.

LeapFrog’s LeapBand is available at prices ranging from £19.99 to £29.99 (depending on outlet) from the LeapFrog store and other outlets including:

Encouraging activity and fitness in children in a fun way is definitely worth investing in the LeapBand as a birthday, Christmas or ‘just so’ gift for your own children; grandchildren, nephews and nieces; god-children or the children of friends. Whatever the occasion, whoever the child may be, the LeapBand is a gift for children that will without doubt be greeted with enthusiasm by kids and parents alike and used for many happy hours at a time.