LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm

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Teaching children between the ages of six and 36 months about animal names and sounds, the LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm encourages the building of early vocabulary and aids kids in practising their motor skills.

LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm

Like other LeapFrog toys, it is a great gift that combines learning with lots of fun.

Sing & Play Farm Features

The 13 animal friends dotted around the Sing & Play Farm’s four interactive sides delight children with more than 50 fun responses. Playfully engaging little ones with buttons to push; keys to turn; switches to flip and more, the LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm introduces them to life on the farm. Learning the names and sounds of animals; colours, melodies and rhythm, children meet and sing along with new animal friends to popular tunes like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald, for instance. Activities include playing peekaboo with the talking owl (who asks several fun questions); a revving tractor and exploring opposites. There are also a sliding spider, a barn door to lift up and a lantern to light up. A sliding bunny creates a rhythmic, bouncing song and teaches about vegetables and colours.

Where to find the Sing & Play Farm

Encouraging kids to explore; build their vocabulary and finger dexterity, and learn about cause and effect, the LeapFrog Sing & Play Farm is available from Argos, Amazon and Toys’r’Us, as well as, of course, the LeapFrog Store. Shopping around is a must, as prices vary significantly between stores (between £14.99 and £29.99).

Happy Learning

This toy is doubtlessly another great offering from LeapFrog. The Sing & Play Farm will stay the distance throughout the entire suggested age range, as the child will discover more interesting new activities as it grows from day to day. Needless to say, kids love it and adults should definitely consider this as a gift this Christmas.