Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab

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Suitable for little scientist wannabes, Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super lab will have them creating some amazing experiments in no time at all, with the added bonus of some collectable Beaker Creatures too! The aim of this fun experimental games is for children to use a chemical reaction to reveal which two mystery Beaker Creatures they get.

Each Beaker Creature comes inside their own reactor pod. These pods can only be opened by a scientific experiment. Use a chemical reaction to make the pods fizz and bubble until the little alien figures are revealed. There are 35 Beaker Creatures from six different families to collect, including the limited-edition 24-carat creatures – will you be lucky enough to find it?

Not only is there Beaker Creatures to discover, but there are also four further science experiments that children can do. They can explore the art of colour mixing, make alien slime, find out how oil and water don’t mix, and discover how to make a whirlpool. In some of the experiments, the Beaker Creature even gets to play along!

This 15-Piece set includes the following –

  • 2 reactor pods with mystery beaker creatures
  • 1 Liquid reactor Super Lab base
  • 1 Stir Rod
  • 2 Hyrdoplungers
  • 2 Beakers
  • 1 set of Tongs
  • 2 classification cards
  • 2 mini-posters with amazing science facts
  • 1 Experiment guide
  • 1 Full-size poster


Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super lab is suitable for children aged 5 years old and above. It costs £25 and is available from HERE.