Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian is an award-winning toy brand which produces a range of Paint Sticks that every young child will love! Just imagine – many hours of fun painting with the mess and major clean-up operation; what’s not to like about these!

Each paint stick resembles a glue stick in which you simply twist up and down. You don’t need to use water or any extra brushes which is an added bonus. You simply apply straight to paper, card, wood, glass or plastic and see what your budding artist can create.

My 4-year-old daughter just loves to draw, colour in, make collages and paint which is fantastic, however………I absolutely detest the mess it makes! She’s not the tidiest and there could be paint on the kitchen chairs, all over her clothes (even though she wears an apron!), on the floor and even little hand prints over the units. When we had the chance to try the Little Brian Paint Sticks I was overjoyed, as was my little girl. They are extremely simple to use, the paint dries within minutes, and they are a whole heap of fun. She spends ages creating stunning masterpieces whilst I prepare dinner and the mess is nearly none existent. Whatever is on her hands washes off easily too.

Little Brian Paint Sticks will make an ideal for festive gift this Christmas for any little artist. With Metallic Paint Sticks and Day Glow Paint Sticks also available each masterpiece created will be amazing!

As Picasso himself once famously said…. “every child is an artist”, so support your child’s natural development with Little Brian Paint Sticks. They are available in six (RRP £4.99) & 12 packs (RRP £7.99), and a bumper pack of 24 (RRP £14.99). Please visit for further details and stockist information.

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