Little Lucky Lunchbox

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Little Lucky Lunchbox Series 1 from Basic Fun!

Small, cute and collectable, Little Lucky Lunchbox is ideal for all children aged 3 and over. These tiny lunchboxes each contain foodie surprises which are perfect for swapping, trading & collecting.

Each Little Lucky Lunchbox contains 4 lunchtime surprises including, 2 foodie friends that each hold a secret inside that makes them so adorably delicious. There are 50 different foodie surprises to collect in 10 different styles and many children will enjoy collecting as many as they can. Each little tin lunchbox has got a carry handle too!

Little Lucky Lunchbox Series 1 from Basic Fun are affordable too, making great stocking fillers or just something for children to spend their pocket money on! They have a RRP of £6.99 and are available from Smyths, Tesco and The entertainer.