Lumie Bodyclocks for easy Drifting-off and Waking-up

Lumie Bodyclocks for easy Drifting-off and Waking-up

Getting off to sleep and waking up fresh and in a good mood first thing in the morning are made easier by Lumie Bodyclocks. Mimicking the gradually fading light of sunsets at night to help you wind down in readiness for sleep at night and the gradually increasing light of sunrises in the morning, Lumie Bodyclocks help to improve the quality of sleep and, by making users’ awakening more natural, improve moods, energy and productivity during the day.

Also useful for complementing SAD treatment lightboxes, Lumie Bodyclocks are available in several different options, including the Starter, which is designed to ease the body into production of melatonin and other sleep hormones at night with the help of a 30-minute sunset and uses a 30-minute sunrise to increase production of cortisol and other get-up-and-go hormones in the morning.

Featuring a sun ray effect; dimmable lighting to double up as a night light and a snooze feature, the Starter Bodyclock is perfect for the whole family. It also has a back-up in case of power failures and an optional alarm beep. Great for children and adults alike, the Starter Bodyclock is available from at just £59.95.

lumie starter

Another option, the Lumie Bodyclock Iris is especially designed for ‘her’ and combines aromatherapy with the sunset/sunrise light therapy. Featuring two removable chambers for ease of switching between evening and morning essential oils (not included), the Bodyclock Iris’ sunset and sunrise times can be set to 15, 20 or 30; 45, 60 or 90 minute durations.  Diffusion of the essential oils may be intermittent or continuous. Options (duration, intensity and seven-day programming) for the sunrise, sunset and aromatherapy diffusion can be set independently or in combination.  Featuring the same back-up options (power failure; optional beep) as the Starter, as well as nightlight and snooze features and a remote control, the Lumie Bodyclock Iris also has a security option, which randomly turns on lights when you are away. It is available from Lumie at an RRP of £160.

lumie therapy

Whether you opt for the Starter or the Iris, these bodyclocks are without doubt a great treat for yourself or someone you care for this Christmas.  Lumie Bodyclock is available through and several retailers including amazon, John Lewis, Boots, wriggle and for Lumie Bodyclock Iris only, Neal’s Yard.

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