Magical Christmas Adventures with ItsYourStory

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Looking for a present to really make a child’s Christmas this year? Then look no further than the delightful personalised Christmas book ‘(Name of Child)’s Snowman’ from ItsYourStory.

Snowman Book Cover

Written by Barnaby Wright and beautifully illustrated by Anne Horton, this large format hardback Snowman Adventure book incorporates your child’s face into every illustration and, in addition to the child’s name and face, also uses information about family members and the child’s address, as well as a friend’s name.

Imagine, for a moment, that the child you are buying this book for is called Nicky. The name of the book would subsequently be ‘Nicky’s Snowman’ and Nicky’s face would appear in all illustrations, and on the first page, there will be a message from the sender (you).

Snowman book - sample spread 2

The story then has Nicky waking up early on Christmas morning only to find a double-decker bus full of snowmen parked in the garden. Before too long, she is whisked away to the North Pole, where she is transformed into a little elf and helps Father Christmas with the wrapping, sorting and delivering of all the Christmas presents. As time flies by, tension rises – will she make it back home before the rest of the family wakes up? And will they believe that she really did help to save Christmas?

Uniquely personalising both illustrations and the story itself, ‘(Name of Child)’s Snowman’ fuels kids’ imagination as they are thrilled not only by the telling of the story, but also by finding their own name and face on almost every one of its 32 pages. Available from ItsYourStory at only £20 (price also includes a free animated e-story delivered to your inbox when ordering) and recommended for children aged two to seven, this wonderful A4-size hardback book is a magical Christmas present kids will treasure for years to come.