Magnetix – Stunning Jewellery with a Twist!

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Magnetix offer stunningly elegant jewellery, which not only look fabulous on but has added health benefits. The secret that lies within each and every piece is a magnet which aids towards improved health and inner harmony. Their research studies have show that magnets can not only act as an alternative method for treating many conditions from arthritis to menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and more – but also improve overall well-being.

With an aim to support people in looking good and living well, their vast range of jewellery would make a fantastic gift for loved ones this Christmas – or any other time of the year too. The range of magnetic jewellery is so varied that everyone will find a new favourite piece there –men and women, children and adults of all ages. From bracelets and chains to rings and earrings, each piece is designed to perfection – finding the ideal one for you is easy!

I absolutely adore this matching set – Pendant with sparkling glass stone and earring with sparkling glass stone.

Ever so elegant looking, this set will be sure to sparkle in all the right ways this Christmas. It will most definitely be that extra special finishing touch to your Christmas party outfit! The mesmerising blue glass stone both radiate lightness and sophistication, it truly is a stunning colour. The earrings and pendant are made of skin-friendly stainless steel and incorporated with neodymium magnets.

The Earrings are priced at £52 and are available HERE, and, the Pendant is priced at £31 and is available HERE.

So, why are these magnets good for our bodies? Magnetix states –

“Magnets revitalise the human body keeping it in ‘full swing’ through ensuring circulation to all the body’s main organs is efficient and so we feel ‘full of life’. This is because blood is the substance that gives us life. Blood circulation ensures almost all the processes within the human body. These include providing oxygen, vitamins and enzymes. In order to stay fit and healthy, all vital substances must be transported in all directions, quickly and in sufficient quantity. This is where the power of magnets comes into play. Magnets activate this metabolism and, as such, promote physical functions.”

Thus, everyday symptoms which can affect us such as insomnia, arthritis, sports injuries, migraine, menstrual pains, mood swings and general tiredness, can be improved. When you wear a piece of Magnetix Jewellery or accessory, you will stimulate the supply of nutrients to all the major organs and give the body a natural boost. The health benefits of these neodymium magnets are endless.

I have many friends who thoroughly believes in the magic of Magnetix. One friend, Beverley, has been wearing the Powerheart for over a year now and couldn’t praise it enough, she says –

“I have had a magnetic powerheart from last October. I suffer from breathing problems and lung disease. I find that I have more energy and am not as tired. I really feel better in myself from I started wearing it. I now own a number of items including earrings and the watch . I love it really I do.”

To have a look at the vast range of Magnetix available, please visit